Read and watch what families are saying about Green Apple Kids:

"Adrian really liked his two days at Green Apple Kids, and he already asked to go for Spring break. I am really glad that you started a fun, interesting, engaging camp experience at Earth School."   Mother of a 2nd grader

"Seamus had a great time today trying out GAK and loved meeting Lukas and making dumplings. Usually he doesn't like camp, but today he had a blast. I'll let other families know about GAK."  Mother of a 4th grader

"Thank you so much for having such a rich program that is actually affordable. Because we have three children, we are priced out of most places, and this is the first time our kids go to camp. They loved it. Your staff was wonderful, and the curriculum was thoughtful and fun.  NY is full of amazing programs, but they lack diversity because of money. I hope your program is super successful so that others will adopt your model, and more working families can have access to programs like this one." Mother of a 5th grader and two 2nd graders

"Thanks so much. You have a really great program. Koray enjoyed the days he spent with GAK." Mother of a 5th grader

" When they learned how to make crepes during one of their days with GAK, they decided that we as a family should try making them at home.  They were also fascinated with the GAK session in which they were able to have a hands on experience on putting together a motor for a motor bike.  My kids are really enjoying it and that translates at home. How awesome is that?"  Mother of a 4th grader and pre-k student