We offer hands-on child centered science and art base programming that will enhance the participants’ understanding of their own personal bodies, their immediate environment, and the larger world that we all inhabit. This program will encourage youth to become more insightful about who they are, the gravity of their actions, and how they can make positive choices for themselves, and the Earth.

As invested and experienced educators and parents, we strongly believe our curriculum aligns with how children develop concepts. Children are more developmentally ready to learn concepts of sustaining the outside world around them once they gain an understanding of preserving their own bodies. With this approach, we begin our units of study in maintaining a healthy mind and body (sustainability of self).  This lays the basic foundation of care. Being aware of their own bodies and being able to respect themselves, and keep themselves healthy, will eventually lead to a deeper awareness and respect for plants, wildlife, and the general environment.  

Below you will find a brief description of each unit of study and how it affects each layer of our environment (Please contact us for a more detail curriculum presentation):

Sustain Your Self

In this unit youth learn to be aware of their own bodies and the impact it has on their environment. They learn the basic foundation of how it keeps the mind and body healthy through movement, healthy eating habits and learning about our emotions.

H2O Don’t Go

This unit explores the importance of clean accessible water to all living things.  The students will learn about New York’s drinking water, how vital it is to all living things and how to conserve and protect it.  

Radically Re-Imagine

In this hands-on unit youth will learn ways to have fun while helping to preserve the environment including lessons on landfills and the impact of household garbage on the environment. They will learn how to make less waste, reuse the things they have (through art based activities), and help bring awareness to the importance of reduction.   

More Power to You

This unit has a larger takeaway idea of using cleaner energies that already exist such as, solar, wind, bio-fuel and ethanol among others. Students will learn that alternative energies can be just as effective, but much less destructive to our environment.  

Into the Wild

(tree identification, bird exploration, nature walks)

 In this unit youth will learn why it is important to protect and conserve living things around them. They learn about how air, water and land pollution affect the delicate ecosystems in their neighborhoods and are encouraged to think of solutions to these problems.  This unit will also arm participants with knowledge on how to improve the urban environment in which they and their families inhabit.  

Soil the City

(urban farming, roof gardens, agriculture, community gardens/farms)

In this hands on unit, youth learn how to grow their own food in an urban environment. They learn about sustainable agriculture and the importance of growing their own food. They also will study the principles of farming and the basic structures that connect them to their daily diet as well as to soil.