Through Environmental Education Green Apple Kids Empowers Urban Youth to be Positive Stewards of their Communities

GAK has encompassed a broad array of programming to date, all aligned with our main goal to bring health and environmental education to underserved populations.  Here is a brief summary of our programming to date:

Saturday workshop series at the Brooklyn Public Library; 2008-2010

These workshops were hour long activities focusing on different health and environmental topics conducted by various local presenters offered free to families.  Through these workshops we learned more about the community and its needs.

After school programming and in class support; 2010-2013

This program took place in a small neighborhood school in the South Bronx named Family Life Academy Charter School (FLACS).  The GAK afterschool program served about 50 students in grades K-5 per year.  GAK provided in class health support for grades K-2 during the 2012-2013 school year as well.  The content addressed was yoga, mindfulness, nutrition, and urban farming.

Yoga Instruction; 2011-2013

GAK provided yoga instruction for Little Scholars Early Development Center in   the Bronx. This program provided an introduction to yoga to preschool aged children.

Earth School after school Programming 2011-Present

 We engage students in activities that foster a love of nature,  healthy lifestyle inclusive of physical, emotional and educational teachings. The intent for this program is for participants to become more insightful about who they are, the gravity of their actions, and how they can make positive choices for themselves, their families, their communities and the world. 

East Village Community School After School programming 2018- Present

 We are so excited to bring GAK to the EVCS community and grow together.